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04. Family Law

Family Law

On a case-by-case basis, Deb may be able to assist you when you need to end your marriage.  If you are in a toxic marriage, and need to seek peace without subjecting yourself and your family to emotional and financial devastation, or are staying because you are afraid of subjecting your kids to living with the anger of your spouse, perhaps we can help. Deb and her experts can walk you and your family through this process and help you embrace a better life.  

Lawyers are supposed to help you, not to make an already emotionally charged situation worse. Lawyers understand that people fall in love, they fall out of love, and foremost they love their kids. Problems simply do not go away; maybe together you can face them. Working together you can have a better life.

Lawyers should also help you work through your financial situation without devastating the family resources, and some do.  You can have a life of peace, happiness, financial certainty and family, love and support, and be a better, more wonderful father or mother.  You do not have to sacrifice your health and happiness to protect your kids. They deserve better; they deserve to have you happy and respectful to each other as their parents.

You used to like the person you are married to.  As friends, you can both take responsibility for your health and happiness, work together to arrange your family so that everyone benefits from your decisions, and secure the emotional and financial benefits of the family within a compassionate divorce.  If you need this type of assistance, perhaps she can help you.   ​


Along with Deb, her experts are available to assist when you are ready to have your life back.

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