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01. State Criminal Law

State Criminal Law

District Court

If you are charged in Wake County, or any county court in the eastern part of North Carolina, for traffic matters (speeding, DWI, DWLR) or other misdemeanors, such as drug offenses, assaults, domestic violence, etc., Deb can assist you.

Superior Court

If you have been indicted in Superior Court for felony offenses (these are: major drug offenses, robbery, assaults, rape, murders, etc.) Deb can assist you. She has been qualified by the North Carolina State Bar as a Board Certified Specialist in State Criminal Law.  If you require a bond reduction hearing, please feel free to contact her office.

 30 Years of Experience

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Unsure of how to deal with your legal position or what next steps you should be taking? Contact Newton Law and Deb will be more than happy to discuss it at no cost to you!

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