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02. Federal Criminal Law

Federal Criminal Law

Deb is an experienced trial attorney in federal district court, and admitted to practice in the Eastern, Middle and Western Districts of North Carolina.  The North Carolina State Bar has qualified Deb as one of few Board Certified Specialists in Federal Criminal Law. 

There have been significant changes in the law affecting federal criminal sentencing including status as armed career criminal. Call Deb if you are in Federal Court to discuss your options. 

Be aware, because sentencing in federal court includes relevant conduct with a lower burden of proof, you are wisely advised not to waive any constitutional protections in any plea agreements, including waivers like Blakeley waivers, Simmons waivers, or Appeal waivers, without carefully considering the proffered benefits.  Moreover, if you have a drug case, trying the case to a jury to prove the drugs attributed to you and make a record is crucial, until and unless your exposure is properly limited.  Deb can advise you how.  

The Department of Justice has aggressively pursued licensed physicians prescribing a pharmaceutical protocol in chronic pain management, particularly opioid prescriptions.  If you are a physician, you can protect yourself from unwarranted scrutiny and possibly devastating prosecution.  Please ask.  However, if you are already targeted, you should be properly advised prior to entering into any agreements.  We have tried these types of facts to a federal jury, and would be able to consult with you.  Please call.

If you need assistance in taking your case to a jury trial, limiting exposure or determining whether you qualify for sentencing relief, contact her office for a consultation.

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Unsure of how to deal with your legal position or what next steps you should be taking? Contact Newton Law and Deb will be more than happy to discuss it at no cost to you!

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