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Updates for Pandemic, 31 March 2020

Hi Everyone, It is a stressful time now, and with the Courts off limits you likely have questions about your court dates. IF you have pending court dates, or have a court date you failed to appear on and an outstanding order for arrest, EMAIL OR TEXT ME so that I can get you the new dates and recall the Order for Arrest, or tell you your new court date. In North Carolina state courts we are all trying to keep people from custody to avoid infections in the jail, so do not hesitate to let us know. Also, IF you have a loved one in the jail with a non-violent offense or misdemeanor, EMAIL OR TEXT ME so that we can get release conditions ASAP. In federal court, it appears there are no hearings right now in person, but we can still file motions to be decided electronically. IF you have someone who has been picked up on a felony in FEDERAL court, EMAIL OR TEXT ME so that we can argue for release. My direct office cell is 919-931-2294, and the email is I am here, I am working, Christian is as well, and we are available to help with anything you need. STAY SAFE AND BE WELL! If you or a loved one have any questions, just EMAIL OR TEXT and I will respond ASAP. Best, Deb

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